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Tin Zinc Alloy Plating
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Tin Zinc Alloy Plating

The unique tin zinc alloy plating process provides a 70/30 Tin/Zinc ratio and offers an environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant alternative when applied or specified with a clear trivalent Chromate. It is a viable replacement for Cadmium in many applications. Reliable Plating Corp. is approved by General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi, and Toyota for this Tin Zinc Plating Alloy process.
(Images are an approximation of finish appearance)
Advantages of Tin Zinc Alloy Plating:
  • High Corrosion Resistance, especially against salt water and sulfur dioxide.
  • Excellent Solderability. Does not deteriorate even if plated parts are left in the atmosphere for months.
  • Excellent performance in secondary processing due to superior ductility. This also maintains high corrosion resistance after bending or crimping.
  • The deposit has excellent throwing and covering power resulting in relatively uniform thicknesses even in recesses.
Applications using Tin Zinc Alloy Plating:
  • For corrosion resistance to Salt Water: Aircraft, Ships, Machinery & Equipment used at sea, Railway equipment and Automobiles.
  • For corrosion resistance to Sulfurous Chemicals: Electrical Appliances, Communications Equipment, Automobile Components and Fire Fighting and Alarm Equipment
  • For Solderability: Electrical Appliances and Electronic Components
Tin Zinc Alloy Plating Specifications
  • AMG 12469218
  • AMS 2434B
  • Chrysler PS-8956
  • Ford WSS-MIP95-A1
  • GM 6280
  • GMW 3200
  • Mazda MFSn-ZnT2-C
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ford WSE-M1P93-A1
  • Toyota TS H6512G

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